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InMode Evolve is a treatment similar to Evoke, but it targets larger body areas. Skin laxity and the signs of aging don’t just affect the face; they affect the body as well. Evolve is a treatment that uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to remodel collagen in the deeper layers of the skin.

However, that’s not all it does. This treatment can also help eliminate stubborn fat and increase muscle definition. With three different treatment options, you can choose one that meets your needs or combine any of these three to help transform your body.

Bringing a Level of Artistry to Non-Surgical Aesthetic Enhancement

What is Evolve by InMode?

Evolve is yet another hands-free technology by the INMODE which works towards body remodeling and body contouring issues. It works on the principle of using radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiations to stimulate the muscles and thus, help in fat reduction and muscle definition. This treatment helps in fat loss, muscle definition, and body contouring of the desired part of the body.

It targets the adipose (fat) tissues in the body, tones them, and in this way defines muscles, which help in making the body appear attractive, better, and younger than ever.

‍The areas of specialization on which Evolve works to tone body are:

  • Abdomen
  • Upper and lower arms
  • Love handles, or flanks
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs, or saddlebags
  • Knees and ankles

Benefits of Evoke Treatment

The Evolve treatment could be a life-changing game for many people who have always wanted to experience fat loss. This way, not only would they succeed in reducing fat from the whole body, but would also gain a trimmed and toned body.

Some benefits of opting for the Evolve treatment include:

Relaxes the elevated muscle tone, and causes these muscles to become toned.
Increases muscle density, which causes the body to appear younger and attractive overall.
This body contouring treatment causes fat reduction and subsequently works to tighten loose skin so that there are no fat bags afterward.
Remodels the skin and gives it a new look.

How does Evolve Work?

Evolve is a hands-free radiofrequency based model that works to tone, trim, and tighten the body fat. It greatly helps in overall body fat reduction and helps to define the muscles of that particular region.

It consists of a set of 8 hands-free applicators that once set on the client’s body, simultaneously work towards trimming, toning and defining the body appearance.

Once placed on the site of interest, the applicators work on delivering uniform thermal heat, deep down from the subcutaneous tissues to the subdermal layers, and then work to achieve the desired results.‍

To tone the body, the Evolve emits Electromagnetic radiations which involuntarily cause muscle contraction, and hence a toned skin and tone body is set in progress.

Treatment Candidates

Evolve treatment is the best for people who are looking for:

Overall body fat reduction or fat loss from a particular region of their body.
Want to remodel their body for a fitter, leaner muscle density.
Want to achieve tightly toned muscles.

Post Treatment

Once the Evolve system has completed its work, you can get dressed and resume your regular daily routine.

The results will begin to reveal themselves over the next few days and weeks as the cells in your skin, fat tissue, and muscles gradually respond to the treatment.

You can expect some mild redness and heat sensation in the treatment areas; however, these are mild and will resolve on their own within one to two days after your treatment.

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