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Do you suffer from dull, tired, or drooping skin, fine lines and wrinkles, or scarring? Have you tried other skin treatments like fillers or Botox that haven’t delivered the results that you wanted? Then it’s time to upgrade with the revolutionary Vampire Facial®.

This trademarked technique, created by designer-physician Dr. Charles Runels, was popularized by Kim Kardashian, and delivers incredible results. Utilizing the regenerative properties of your own blood, the Vampire Facial® delivers healthy, glowing skin in just an hour-long treatment.

Dr. Waleed Elyaman as well as our lead Esthetician at Innova wellness Spa, were trained and certified to perform the Vampire Facial® by Dr. Charles Runels himself.

The Vampire Facial® is a revolutionary, cutting edge anti-aging procedure for a more radiant complexion.

What is the Vampire Facial® procedure?

The Vampire Facelift® is completed in three easy steps:

Your physician draws blood from your arm, which feels similar to getting a blood test. The blood is placed into a special centrifuge, where it is rotated and separated into its component elements. The key ingredient is platelet-rich plasma or PRP. Platelets are a component of blood that enables clotting and ultimately skin rejuvenation. In the meantime, you will apply a numbing cream to your face for approximately thirty minutes.

Next, your physician uses a specially designed micro-needling device to create small patterns of micro-punctures on your face.

Finally, the PRP is painted onto the micro-punctures so it can soak into the skin. The growth factors in the PRP stimulate multipotent stem cells in the skin, sending a message that the skin has been injured and that new tissue is necessary. The stem cells develop into collagen, new fatty tissue, and new blood vessels, resulting in glowing, youthful skin. You will see immediate results that continue to improve for two to three months. The restorative effect lasts for one to two years.

What makes a Vampire Facial® different from a Vampire Facelift?

While the Vampire Facelift reshapes your face to restore youthful contours, the Vampire Facial® is utilized to rejuvenate your skin. In addition to this, the Facelift involves the extra step of inserting hyaluronic acid fillers before the PRP is injected. Choose the Vampire Facelift for a more thorough transformation of your facial structure, and choose the Vampire Facial® for glowing, healthy skin.

Skin is sensitive and prone to rejecting foreign elements like grafts or implants. However, nothing could be more natural than using the regenerative factors in your own blood to promote healthy skin. Patients are constantly amazed at the incredible results that the Vampire Facial® delivers. Call Innova Wellness Spa right away to get the process started. Your skin always deserves the best care.

A Natural Solution for Looking Younger

PRP therapy is one of the most exciting developments in the world of beauty for its safety, effectiveness and proven results. It’s a multi-faceted, breakthrough therapy that’s able to address multiple beauty and antiaging needs, allowing men and women to be the best version of themselves at any age.

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Waleed Elyaman, M.D.

Waleed Elyaman, M.D.

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