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Upper Eye Lift

Aging inevitably leads to many unwanted changes throughout the body, including the development of loose, drooping skin around the eyelids. Unlike excess skin located in other areas of the face, excess eyelid skin can lead to functional concerns, such as vision impairment, when left untreated. On top of being a cosmetic issue, sagging eyelid skin can eventually lower your quality of life.

At Innova Wellness Spa, our team provides upper eye lift surgery to our patients. An upper eye lift, also known as upper blepharoplasty, can improve a patient’s vision by removing excess skin of the upper eyelid to remove any obstructions. The procedure also results in a more youthful, alert appearance that can complement other cosmetic treatments like a mini facelift or injectable fillers.

Candidates for an Upper Eye Lift

Many men and women are susceptible to excess upper eyelid skin due to their genetics. Aging also naturally decreases the strength of the underlying small facial muscles that keep the tissue around the eyes tight and smooth. To be good candidates for the procedure, patients interested in an upper eye lift should:

  • Have loose upper eyelid skin caused by aging or genetics
  • Have impaired vision resulting from overhanging skin
  • Be interested in rejuvenating the area around their upper eyelids
  • Be non-smokers in good overall health

Good candidates for an upper eye lift can be adult patients of any age. The procedure does not eliminate crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, sagging eyebrows or under-eye discoloration. A lower eye lift can be performed simultaneously for complete rejuvenation around the eyes, and a brow lift may also be performed to correct sagging brows. We evaluate each of our patients in-person during an initial consultation to determine if they are good candidates for cosmetic surgery and create an individualized treatment plan that addresses all of their needs.

Recovery and Results

Recovery time is usually quick, and patients are back to normal living within a week. Stitches around the upper eyes are removed in about 3-5 days, and small pieces of tape, called steri-strip, are gone within seven days. Any bruising around the eye usually disappears by the end of a week. Regular exercise routines can be followed within 3-4 weeks. It is recommended that you have someone drive you to and from cosmetic eyelid surgery. Final results will be visible once the side effects diminish, usually in a few weeks.

Following their upper eye lift, patients can enjoy improved vision and more youthful, vibrant eyes. The eyelid skin can eventually begin to sag again due to aging gradually, but it is unlikely to return to its severity before surgery. The incisions from surgery will be completely hidden among the natural folds of the eyelids. The use of contact lenses will need to be avoided immediately after the procedure, and patients may begin using them again according to our post-op instructions.

Your Upper Eye Lift Consultation

If sagging upper eyelids have harmed your quality of life by impairing your vision or your self-confidence, schedule an appointment at Innova Wellness Spa. During an in-person consultation, we will go over the steps of the upper eye lift procedure and explain how he can help you regain your youthfulness and your vision with this effective treatment. Call Innova Wellness Spa today at 352-509-7076 to schedule your consultation.