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Temple & Cheek Lift

At Innova Wellness Spa, our team provides comprehensive facial rejuvenation methods to our clients, including temple and cheek lifts. This specialized procedure addresses signs of aging around the eyes, the cheeks, and the corners of the eyebrows to completely revitalize a patient’s appearance. With this minimally invasive procedure, we can help you turn back the clock on your face and help you look as young as you feel.

Candidates for a Temple & Cheek Lift

A temple and cheek lift can be customized according to each patient’s needs, making each procedure different. Some patients may require more attention in the cheek and midface area, while others may wish to focus revitalization efforts around the eyes and brows. Good candidates for this versatile procedure include patients who have:

  • Sagging or drooping cheeks
  • Hollow eyes and under-eye circles
  • Loose skin around the temples
  • Skin laxity around the corners of the eyes
  • Deep nasolabial folds around the nose and mouth
  • Patients who do not smoke

Additionally, patients should be in good health and able to undergo this minimally invasive procedure. A temple and cheek lift is not as invasive as a standard facelift or brow lift, but it does require a brief period of downtime to ensure a healthy recovery. Ideal candidates are patients who have mild to moderate skin laxity in the targeted areas. Patients with a large amount of loose skin may benefit from a more extensive cosmetic procedure. Our team evaluates each of our patients prior to treatment during an in-person consultation to determine the optimal procedure for their needs.

The Temple & Cheek Lift Procedure

As a minimally invasive procedure, a temple and cheek lift is typically completed under local anesthesia with sedation. All incisions are made within the hairline along the temples and are around one inch in length.

The entire procedure lasts one to two hours. Unlike a brow lift or facelift, a temple and cheek lift will not address the forehead, middle parts of the eyebrows or the lower face. Only the corners of the eyebrows and areas of the midface will be affected. The procedure can be combined with other treatments, like blepharoplasty, a brow lift, a neck lift or a mini facelift for complete facial rejuvenation.

Recovery and Results

Following a temple and cheek lift, patients are immediately free to return home and begin resting. As a less invasive procedure than other conventional treatment methods, this procedure requires minimal downtime. Many patients are back to work and most normal activities in seven to ten days. Exercise and other strenuous activities may be gradually resumed after three to four weeks.

Your Temple & Cheek Lift Consultation

If sagging cheeks, dark eye circles or deep folds around your nose and mouth have lowered your self-confidence, schedule a consultation at Innova Wellness Spa to learn more about a temple and cheek lift. Using this effective and less invasive procedure, we can help you successfully reverse the effects of aging with minimal scarring, discomfort, and downtime. To schedule your consultation, give us a call today at 352-509-7076.