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Lower Eye Lift

The eyelids are made of very fragile tissue that is highly susceptible to wrinkles and other noticeable signs of aging. As the face ages, gravity gradually pulls the skin downwards and loosens the underlying supportive muscles that keep skin taut and elastic. As a result, the fat pads located underneath the eyes can begin to protrude outwards and create a perpetually tired, sad, or angry expression.

At Innova Wellness Spa, we offer lower eye lift procedures to our patients interested in rejuvenating their appearance. With a lower eye lift, we can reduce bagginess underneath the lower eyelids and remove excess skin to create a refreshed appearance for our patients. We will sit down with you during a one-on-one consultation to discuss your needs and explain how a lower eye lift can benefit you.

Candidates for a Lower Eye Lift

A lower eye lift, also known as lower blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess tissue beneath the eyes to create a more youthful appearance. Excess skin or puffy under-eye bags are a common sign of aging, but they may also develop due to genetics. Most patients who receive a lower eye lift are in their 30s or older, but younger patients may also undergo the procedure if necessary. To be good candidates, patients considering a lower eye lift should:

  • Have unwanted puffy under-eye bags
  • Have a perpetually tired, sad or angry expression due to excess under-eye tissue
  • Be interested in rejuvenating the area around their lower eyelids
  • Be non-smokers in good overall health

A lower eye lift is not intended to fix crow’s feet or under-eye discoloration, although some small improvements may be noticeable after the procedure. Botox injections and advanced skin care treatments may be used to address those types of concerns. Lower eye lift surgery may also be combined with other procedures, including an upper eye lift, brow lift, facelift, and dermal fillers, for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Recovery and Results

Following a lower eye lift procedure, patients should plan on spending one week at home healing. Wearing sunglasses while outdoors is recommended to protect the sensitive eyes from wind and sun exposure. Patients can return to work in about seven to 10 days. Some patients may feel able to return to work sooner, although visible swelling and bruising may prolong recovery. Strenuous activities and exercise may be resumed in three to four weeks.

Your Lower Eye Lift Consultation

At Innova Wellness Spa, we want to help you look and feel your best. If puffy under-eye bags or sagging eyelid skin has contributed to a perpetually tired or sad appearance, you may be the right candidate for a lower eye lift. Our team can create a personalized treatment plan that will address all of your concerns for transformative, satisfying results. To schedule your consultation at Innova Wellness Spa, call us today at 352-509-7076.