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Chin Z-Plasty

Loose skin and muscle around the neck can contribute to an aged appearance and an unattractive facial profile. Sometimes unflatteringly referred to as a “turkey wattle,” a droopy and loose neck develops when the platysma muscle ages, causing it to hang unsupported beneath the chin. Adult men and women are both susceptible to this common sign of aging. For most women, a traditional neck lift procedure can correct jowls and loose skin to create a tighter jawline. Men, however, tend to have thicker skin and usually do not enjoy lasting results from a traditional neck lift.

At Innova Wellness Spa, we offer chin Z-plasty to our patients interested in removing skin and tightening muscle to create a slimmer, more youthful neck. Named after the “zig-zag” style incision, this effective procedure utilizes an advanced suture method that minimizes scarring and allows for dramatic and long-lasting results. If you have a large amount of excess neck skin, we can discuss the benefits of chin Z-plasty with you during an in-person consultation.

Candidates for Chin Z-Plasty

Most chin Z-plasty patients are ideal for men, although women may occasionally be candidates for the procedure as well. Sometimes referred to as a direct neck lift, a chin Z-plasty is an alternative to a traditional neck lift procedure that is used to treat a large amount of excess neck skin. When possible, a traditional neck lift is generally preferable due to its hidden incisions and minimal scarring. To be good candidates for a chin Z-plasty, patients should:

  • Have a moderate to large amount of neck skin laxity
  • Have loose or hanging neck muscle that may create unsightly neck bands
  • Be interested in creating a slimmer and more youthful neck and chin profile
  • Be prepared for vertical scarring along the neck that may be visible (though effective treatment methods are available for this after complete healing)
  • Be non-smokers in good overall health

A traditional neck lift utilizes incisions placed along the hairline and within natural skin creases around the ear, effectively hiding any scars. Chin Z-plasty, however, requires an incision placed underneath the chin that extends down the neck. While the incision will be kept as small as possible and will fade over time, patients interested in the procedure will need to be prepared for visible scarring that may last several months. A high-collared shirt or turtleneck can be worn to hide the incision, and laser treatments may be used down the line to further improve any scarring.

Your Chin Z-Plasty Consultation

At Innova Wellness Spa, we are committed to helping you combat signs of aging and look your best. With chin Z-plasty, we can dramatically improve your neck and deliver you with long-lasting and satisfying results for years to come.

A chin z-plasty can also be combined with a mini facelift, brow lift and other cosmetic treatments for complete facial rejuvenation. To learn more about the procedure and find out if you are a right candidate for chin Z-plasty, call Innova Wellness Spa today at 352-509-7076 and schedule your consultation.