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Brow Lift

Sagging, heavy brows, horizontal expressions, and deep forehead wrinkles that develop from aging can be more than just unwanted cosmetic changes. Excess forehead skin and drooping eyebrows can create changes in your resting facial expression that make you appear tired, angry, or sad without intending to do so. Excess eyebrow skin can also overhang the eyes and impair vision, turning a cosmetic issue into a quality of life issue.

At Innova Wellness Spa, we are committed to providing comprehensive cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive treatment options to our patients. Improvements are made to the deep muscles, as the skin and superficial muscles are tightened for a more youthful appearance. Proper eyebrow positioning is an essential component in the correction of the aging eyelid. As we mature, our brows descend, creating an aged appearance on the face.

Candidates for a Brow Lift

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, specifically targets wrinkles and excess skin located in the top third of the face. Patients interested in rejuvenating other areas will be better served by different cosmetic procedures. A brow lift will not address crow’s feet or loose eyelid skin. Blepharoplasty and injectables treatments can target those types of concerns and may be performed alongside a brow lift. Good candidates for a brow lift:

  • Have loose skin and wrinkles in the top third of the face
  • Have overhanging or sagging eyebrows

Patients interested in rejuvenating other areas will be better served by different cosmetic procedures. For example, a brow lift will not address crow’s feet or loose eyelid skin. Blepharoplasty and injectables treatments can target those types of concerns and may be performed alongside a brow lift.

A brow lift can also be combined with a facelift or neck lift to address wrinkles in the lower portion of the face. Our team determines if his patients make good candidates for a brow lift during an in-person consultation where he evaluates their needs and concerns.

The Brow Lift Procedure

At Innova Wellness, the brow lift procedure is typically performed using a local block. We will discuss the procedure during the initial consultation and determine if this is the best for the patient based on their individual needs.

This procedure is performed by:

  • Using Smaller Incisions: Smaller cuts along the brow are less invasive and tend to be less scarring than a traditional across-the-brow cut. Yet, the smaller cuts can target exactly the areas that need lifting. It also takes less “down” time to heal afterward.
  • Manipulating the Muscles: By manipulating the muscles in between the eyes, using the small incisions, a cosmetic surgeon can eliminate “worry” lines too. You do not need to undergo an entire coronal brow lift to manipulate the muscles. It has been proven that it can still be done with minor incisions instead.
  • Elevating the Brow Slightly: For people that only need a slight adjustment, it can be the cheapest and easiest way to achieve spectacular results. For those that need a more drastic intervention, there are other types of forehead and brow lift options available.
  • Brow Lift Recovery and Results

    Following a brow lift, our patients will need to spend about one week resting and allowing their body to heal. Common side effects include mild to moderate bruising, swelling, tightness, numbness, and discomfort. Our team will provide all patients with specific post-op instructions to them help minimize discomfort and ensure a healthy recovery.

    Most patients return to work in about seven to 10 days and resume all normal activities in two weeks. Exercise and strenuous activities may be resumed in three to four weeks. For patients who undergo a traditional brow lift with a coronary incision, recovery will take slightly longer. The incisions heal within a couple of weeks and will take up to 18 months to mature fully. Any scarring will be hidden within the hairline and will not be visible.

    Results will be immediately evident, with the eyebrows placed in a slightly higher position and excess skin removed. Final results will take at least a few months to develop, as the body continues to heal and eliminate swelling. Results from a brow lift last an average of seven to 10 years, and dermal fillers or Botox treatments may be used to prolong results.

    Your Brow Lift Consultation

    If heavy eyebrows and deep forehead wrinkles have created an unwanted angry or tired resting facial expression, then you may benefit from a safe and effective brow lift procedure. At Innova Wellness Spa, we can eliminate your excess forehead skin and smooth your wrinkles to create a more youthful appearance. To learn more about the procedure and schedule your consultation, call Innova Wellness Spa today at 352-509-7076.