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Innova Wellness Spa is an aesthetic enhancement med spa that offers cutting-edge skin resurfacing and beauty treatments. We can treat angiomas without having to resort to surgical maneuvers.

What Are Angiomas?

An angioma is a benign growth consisting of smaller blood vessels. These growths (classified as tumors) can be located anywhere on the body. Different types include:

  • Spider angiomas — more common in childhood and during pregnancy, and a few can appear on anyone. Also called spider nevus, vascular spider, and spider telangiectasia. It’s a group of swollen blood vessels found just beneath the skin surface. Often, spider angiomas contain a central red spot with reddish extensions radiating outwards — like a spider web.
  • Cherry angiomas — caused by aging and do not have any known significance. Also known as Campbell de Morgan spots or senile angiomas. Usually found in people aged 30 and beyond. Broken blood vessels inside the cherry angioma give it a reddish appearance. When present in large numbers, this can be a forewarning of liver damage.

Cutera Xeo® Cutting Edge, Non-Surgical Technology

We come Cutera xeo®-equipped, meeting the needs of our diverse community. The xeo® performs over 20 non-invasive aesthetic enhancement skin rejuvenation procedures, including angioma removal. xeo® combines 3 different laser + light technologies, along with multiple-functional handpieces for truly customizable options. We can treat a broad range of skin types and body areas with our laser skin resurfacing technology.

We Do What’s Best for You

Innova Wellness Spa offers innovative full epidermal renewal procedures. We address superficial skin imperfections and inevitable signs of aging, revealing beautiful skin underneath. We perform our non-invasive aesthetic enhancement procedures with expert hands and in a supremely safe and supportive environment.

Angioma Removal Cost

Cost of procedures varies from person to person. During your initial visit, we will discuss all of your options. Our suite of services is far-reaching and completely customizable. No two treatments are the same. We work with our patients, offering the most reasonable rates and flexible options.

Your Consultation

Call today to schedule your initial consultation with Innova Wellness Spa. Together we’ll discuss your ambitions and determine the best possible treatment to achieve your goals.