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Ultherapy® Nonsurgical Skin Tightening

As skin ages, the collagen and muscular support systems underneath the epidermis begin to weaken, creating loose skin and other signs of aging. Sunscreen, dermal fillers, Botox and advanced skincare products can delay the natural effects of aging, but many patients choose to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures like a facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty or brow lift to correct loose skin later in life. Cosmetic surgery is safe and effective when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, but it does bring inherent risks, side effects and downtime that many patients would like to avoid.

For patients who are too young for a facelift or who are uninterested in cosmetic surgery, Innova Wellness Spa offers a nonsurgical facelift alternative called Ultherapy®. Our team is proud to provide this nonsurgical treatment option that tightens and lifts loose skin with minimal side effects and no downtime. Ultherapy® is safe, gentle and successful at targeting mild to moderate amounts of skin laxity, making it the perfect treatment for younger patients or for those who are not quite ready for cosmetic surgery.

What Is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is the only FDA-cleared treatment that utilizes high-intensity focused ultrasound technology to rebuild and remodel the foundational layers of the skin. Advanced ultrasound imaging also delivers a view of the tissue layers and allows for precise treatment. By restoring the elasticity and strength of the skin from within, Ultherapy® can provide dramatic results that you’ll love. Ultherapy® is great for patients who have:

  • Mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Loose skin around the neck and under-chin area
  • Skin laxity around the eyebrows and cheeks
  • Lines and wrinkles on the upper chest and décolletage

Ultherapy’s noninvasive skin tightening process does not disrupt the skin’s surface, minimizing side effects and recovery while maximizing results. Ultherapy® reaches deeper than traditional laser treatments, targeting the supportive tissues and muscles that uphold the skin and keep it looking youthful. The ultrasound energy used during each procedure will gradually remodel vital collagen structures that provide support while also stimulating new collagen production, creating results that improve over time.

The Ultherapy® Procedure

As a noninvasive and nonsurgical procedure, Ultherapy® is typically considered tolerable by most patients. A sensation of heat may be felt underneath the skin during treatment, but it will only be present as the ultrasound energy is actively delivered. If desired, a topical numbing cream may be applied at the start of the appointment to ensure a completely comfortable procedure. During treatment, the Ultherapy® handheld device is passed over the epidermis, addressing the desired areas and directing concentrated ultrasound heating to multiple layers of skin.

Patients are free to lie back and relax during their appointments, which can range in time depending on the number of areas targeted. Treating just one section of the face, neck or upper chest areas takes about 30 to 60 minutes, while a full treatment that addresses all three areas will take up to 90 minutes.

Recovery and Results

Because Ultherapy® does not harm the surface of the skin, side effects are minor and typically a nonissue. Patients commonly experience some skin redness immediately following their appointments, but it will dissipate quickly throughout the course of the day. Some uncommon side effects include mild swelling, tingling, tenderness, bruising and numbness that will heal on their own in about one week. Ultherapy® does not require any recovery or downtime, leaving patients free to resume work and all normal activities immediately following their appointment.

Ultherapy® uses heat to activate the body’s natural wound response, and results will take some time to develop as the body restructures the support layers of the skin and produces new collagen. Final results are typically noticeable in two to three months, although they may continue to improve for up to six months. The tighter, more uplifted skin resulting from Ultherapy® will typically last for up to one year, at which time a maintenance appointment can be scheduled for sustained results.

Your Ultherapy® Consultation

If you are interested in natural, nonsurgical results to target signs of aging in the face, neck and upper chest, then Ultherapy® may be the right choice for you. Good candidates for Ultherapy® are typically in their 30s or older, but patients of any age can benefit from this gentle and effective treatment. To learn more about Ultherapy® and the other cosmetic and wellness services offered at Innova Wellness Spa, call us today at 352-509-7076 and schedule your consultation.