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The Innova Wave for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common side effect of aging for a number of men. Getting and maintaining an erection requires strong and prolonged blood flow to the penis. Unfortunately, aging affects the body’s overall blood flow, often resulting in ED.

At Innova Wellness Spa, our team is excited to offer the Innova Wave to help our patients overcome their ED without using medication or invasive procedures. Using advanced sound wave therapy, we can nonsurgically increase blood flow and create stronger, more frequent erections. If your relationship with your partner has suffered as a result of ED, take back control with the Innova Wave.

What Is the Innova Wave?

The Innova Wave uses high-frequency, low-intensity acoustic sound waves to increase penile blood flow. The sound waves are directed through a handheld device to break up plaque and calcifications that impede blood flow. With these impediments broken down, the blood can flow uninterrupted, increasing the strength of the patient’s erections.

In addition to dissolving plaque, Innova Wave treatments also stimulate stem cells and growth factors to produce new blood vessel growth, bringing more nutrients and blood flow to the area. Following a series of Innova Wave treatments, patients can enjoy improved sexual performance and satisfaction, as well as increased sensitivity and more powerful orgasms.

Satisfying Results, Increased Performance

Most patients will need to schedule a minimum of six Innova Wave sessions before experiencing significant results, although minor improvements may be noticeable right away. The procedure has no side effects and requires absolutely no downtime. Following each appointment, patients are free to resume all normal activities, including sexual activity.

Appointments can be scheduled twice weekly for three weeks to provide timely results. If an additional round of treatments is necessary, those may be completed soon after the initial six appointments. Patients can expect to enjoy their increased sexual performance for up to two years, as the increased blood flow and new blood vessels continue to produce satisfying results.

Men who use medication to manage their ED can often lower their dosage or discontinue their usage completely following treatment with the Innova Wave.

Your Innova Wave Consultation

Almost all adult men make great candidates for the Innova Wave and can begin their treatment immediately. If you are interested in this nonsurgical, painless and effective method for restoring your sexual health, contact Innova Wellness Spa to schedule a consultation. Call us today at 352-509-7076 to book your appointment and regain your self-confidence.