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Laser Hair Removal

We’re here to serve the needs of a diverse community at Innova Wellness Spa. We utilize cutting edge technology to deliver aesthetic enhancement improvements and skincare solutions. Ditch shaving and instead opt for laser hair removal by Innova Wellness Spa. We utilize Cutera xeo®, one of the most popular cosmetic lasers used today. Our Xeo® is safe for even darker skin types, to give you effective results that you’ll love.

How does laser hair removal work?

Innova laser hair removal incorporates non-invasive laser + light therapy which safely eliminates unwanted hair on any part of the body. The laser transmits an intense, targeted pulse of concentrated light directed through a versatile handpiece with cooling capabilities.

Each laser pulse has a duration of just one second, treating as precise as a square centimeter. Laser energy permeates the skin down to the hair follicle and is absorbed by the pigment. Absorbed light energy converts to heat, damaging and destroying the hair root, without affecting surrounding skin structures.

Nd:YAG Laser Capabilities

Shaving, waxing, plucking and threading all leave behind intact hair follicles, which allows for hair regrowth in weeks or even days. Laser hair removal treats the underlying hair follicle, achieving long-term hair reduction for our patients.

We offer safe and successful laser hair removal safe for all skin types at Innova Wellness Spa, even tanned and darker skin tones. Contact Innova Wellness Spa today to learn more about our laser hair removal procedure and our many skincare solutions.